Mississippi Trial, 1955 Study Guide: Chapters 6-9


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  1. Explain Hiram discussion with Ralph Remington. What was different about it?






2.Hiram goes fishing by himself because his grandpa is too tired, what does he do on this fishing trip. Who does he meet and how does he meet him?







3.Grandpa tells Hiram the South needs to keep their school right. What does he mean by this?Hiram ask grandpa whatís wrong with the schools, what does grandpa tell Hiram about the schools?








4. What is the White Citizenís Council? Explain its goal?





Chapter 7


††††††††††† 1.According to grandpa what made the South great?






2.When did the problems between grandpa and his son start to appear?





3.Who is Eddie Crisler? Explain his relationship with grandpa.




††††††††††† 4. Explain Hiram & Mr.Paul discussion about whatís going on in Greenwood.










††††††††††† 5. What are Jim Crow laws?





Chapter 8


1.      Why did RC quit school? Where did his dad get him a job?

What nickname does RC have for Hiram?







2.      What does RC want to do with Hiram? (It would be like old times)



3.      Whom does Hiram ask RC about?



4.      At first why wonít RC eat part of Hiram lunch?



5.      What kind of pranks does RC play on the Ralph Remington? Describe them.






6.      Who does Hiramďrun intoĒ when heís fishing with RC?



7.      What happen between RC and Hiram friend that he met fishing. Explain what took place and what affect it had on Hiram.






Chapter 9


1. What bothers Hiram the most about what took place between RC and Hiram friend when they were fishing?






2.What did grandpa say about the incident between RC and Hiramís friend?





3.What is Hiram learning about his dad in this chapter?



4. Where is grandpa doing real late at night? What meeting is he attending?



5.Hiram tells RC that if the sheriff does come by and talk to him he was not going to __________________?



6. RC tells Hiram about some trouble in Money, what kind of trouble was it. Explain the situation in Money, Mississippi.





8.      Who does Hiram call to warn them about RC?


9.What kind of trouble was there at Miz Bryant? Explain.





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